Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ming Xiang & Hui Xian

The weekend of 6th/7th of December 2008 is probably one of the hottest days of the year to get married! Here're a few snaps of Ming Xiang & Huixian
Love the greenery around outdoor santuary of Amara Hotel

Having some fun after the make-up session. Love the tall windows!

By the poolside...


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cheekin & Celine November 2008

One of my buddies during NS days... Cheekin has finally grown up and found the love of his life! Was very happy that for once in a long while I'm not an official photographer at a wedding dinner and I could stretch my legs and enjoy! But the hands get itchy and obvious a few shots get fired away!! Enjoy!! Lovely couple during the 2nd March-in

It's going to POP!!.....Priceless!

I like this candid, a girl shielding her ears, another grabbing her head while the adults go about in their YUM-SENG!

Cheers to you! My friend!

Couple sharing a lovely moment on the rostrum.
Best wishes to the start of married life!
- Perq Jon © 2008 -

Monday, September 29, 2008

A lighter shade of pale

I was excited for school mate Priscilla's wedding! Here a gorgeous side profile of the bride...

Great texture of the veil and gown, a moment of 'I Do'

Oopsy! Priceless expressions!!!

Another favourite shot of mine of the wedding! All the whites of the gown are preserved.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

A marathon Wedding!

Covered one of the longest wedding to my memory! Was almost sunrise to midnight? Here's some images that I liked.

Ahh..and the bride gets to unveil teh groom!

Zooming around in a convertible...swee swee!

Look at the size of the party popper! And of cos,
the priceless expression of the eager 'rocket launcher'!

A glimpse of the cool couple just before the grand entrance!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

New Year, New Website!

Finally got down to business to re-design my year-old webby . Hope everyone likes it! I believe it can't get any simpler and it really helps a couple scan through a website quickly if its clean/super fast/simple/cool! (another important reason: I don't wanna spend $xxxx on a web designer to keep costs to a minimal!). Any comments on bugs/loading issues please notify me!

Cheerios. And after 500 over shots uploaded on my site, I shall spare you of any more bridal couples.Here's a self-portrait. ; )

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The year of 2007

What a 2007!!! And I haven't blogged for 7mths! The past 2 mths have been really crazy with a million things going on at the same time. Many many thanks to all the brides and grooms for making the last parts of 2007 so memorable! Here're some images of the past 2 mths. N-joy...I really love this red bouquet. This is why I enjoy covering weddings, to see such a perfect bouquet at times. Great work, Justin! (do beep me for his contact if you like his work!)
Another favorite of 2007, all technicallities in placed and finally the candid moment! who says you can't have great shots in a HDB?

The mother of all manicures I've seen!! Bride could not use chopsticks nor play mahjong (yes! There was couple of hours of time for it).
Love the light, fabric of the gown!

A sudden moment, a flock of pigeons just decided to fly past. I had to react within a heartbeat to set my camera almost touching the floor and snapped, fortunately the angle worked perfectly and here you see a few of the pigeons + great expressions of the bride & mom! Priceless!!!

Every march-in is different and it gets my andrenalin up not knowing how the lights are going to be, how fast the couple is going to walk, how the audience are going react. Here one of the guests was throwing plastic-like confetti at the ...groom! A jealous old flame?...with a video camera as proof as-if: "In your face, you *****!!!".

Here's one of my favourite 'toast' shots, as instead of the usual pouring of the champange onto the glass fountain, the couple look great and relaxed against the very nice backdrop of Hyatt!

What a way to end 2007!
And really looking forward to start shooting 2008 on the high!