Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Once Upon another Wedding

Ah...can post anything I want. Some shots from a recent wedding!
Absolutely love this shot, the colours are all there.....via the pink roses beneath!!
Trying out desaturated colours on a colour palette, interesting yeah?

In between dishes at the dinner, kids having a ROYAL RUMBLE!!! Did a slow shutter and this kid who loves to pose was willing to hold still for like 0.3 seconds..and..Viola!

One of the few times I've seen kids doing Yum Seng on the stage...and these were....priceless!!!

A tri-story in one picture....and yes..it's that kid who loves to pose!

Another desaturated shot, with the glut of mobile phones with integrated camera function, I had to jostle for space! (The 'chopped off' face of the couple was delibrate as the focus of this shot was on the Photographers!)

Many moore pictures to process!

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